Living in a small apartment, it is often difficult to find a place for everything, and most of the time furniture and spaces can take on multiple roles. In the past our coffee table doubled as her school desk, and she would often tell me about how marvelous her weekend Arabic class was because she had her very own desk! So when I saw this little desk at the second hand store for such a good price it was too hard to pass up. I had no clue where I was going to put it but knew that it would make the perfect addition to our homeschool. We made space for it in the corner of our living room and my daughter’s motivation to do school everyday is through the roof. She keeps her work area very tidy and is very particular about what goes inside her desk. We still use our coffee table for school, but it is mostly used to play board games with the family, and for larger art projects. Alhumdulillah we are really enjoying this new little corner of ours.


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  1. Maashaa Allaah, that looks really nice..

    And I know excactly what you mean, we live in a small apartment too. You really have to be creative with your space sometimes..

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