This sweater has been a year in the making. I guessed that it would take me some time to complete so when I started it after the birth my middle daughter, I  made sure to make it in a 12 month old size so she could wear it for her second winter. It fits perfectly Alhumdulillah! The only thing is, she isn’t that keen on wearing it. But I am not taking it too personally because she is not too keen on wearing any clothes in general, and rather walk around in her diaper, silly girl. So there you have it. My eldest daughter asked me why I didn’t pick a more girly colour, and at the time I bought this yarn when I was expecting, I wasnr’t sure if I would have a boy or a girl, so I went for a neutral colour. Neutrals are also great for mixing and matching, so she can wear it anytime too inshaAllah. I am thinking of adding some sort of embellishment to the sweater too perhaps.


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