I am so grateful for Spring. We are spending almost everyday outside these days. When the weather is rainy or on the chilly side we always try to at least pop out onto our little balcony and enjoy some fresh air and draw a few doodles with chalk on the balcony floor. Since we don’t have a backyard, getting to the neighbourhood park with the two littlest babes in tow can be quite the journey. We are always sure to pack snacks and drinks, and to maximize our time we bring along school work. With the warmer weather we have been taking out our nature journals more often. We love learning the names of new birds, flowers, and insects, and watching all the growth and life blossoming around us. I just love observing my two youngest daughters taking everything in, experiencing things for the very first time with so much fascination and joy. Their love of everything from a squirrel running past to a tall blade of grass between their fingers, just makes my heart burst and makes me stop for a moment and appreciate even the smallest of God’s blessings.


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