I’ve typed up a little list of things we’d like to do this Autumn season inshaAllah. I am going to share our list with you here in case you’d like to try a thing or two 🙂

Autumn Bucket List
– go for a hike in the woods
– find a leaf in every colour
– have a picnic
– visit the pumpkin patch
– pick apples
– rake leaves and jump in them
– have a bonfire
– make leaf prints
– fly kites
– bake applesauce cake
– make candy apples
– make homemade soup
– visit craft fairs
– read books about Autumn
– knit something cozy
– stargaze
– watch an autumn sunset
– write a poem about autumn
– collect different leaves and learn their names
– photograph fall colours
– make chili
– press leaves and wildflowers
– bike ride
– catch falling leaves
– collect and craft with pinecones
– take a scenic drive
– make leaf rubbings
– drink hot cocoa
– host a potluck party
– roast pumpkin seeds
– make a wreath
– grow an indoor herb garden
– make a leaf crown
– host a baking playdate
– setup an Autumn nature table
– do an Autumn science experiment
– make a weaving
– enjoy some spiced teas
– make a hearty crockpot meal
– bake homemade bread


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