Making yarn dolls with my daughter at her girls bookclub, brought back so many childhood memories. This was a craft to go along with their reading of, “The Last Safe House”, by Barbara Greenwood about the Underground Railroad. I had almost forgotten about ever making these types of dolls, until I was researching how to make corn husk dolls- like the one featured in the book. I had a look around at the grocery and craft store and couldn’t find any corn husk for sale, then I remembered this similar yarn doll I used to make as a kid. Once the girls got the hang of how to make a doll, they got creative and starting adding hair, and omitting legs, in favour of a yarn ‘dress’. My daughter even outfitted her doll with a doll dress from home. Alhumdulillah it was a really nice meeting where the girls each took turns to tell a story orally, and they did such a good job, mashaAllah- there were some very creative fictional, and very interesting true stories too! The girls also had a nice discussion that my friend led about slavery, safe houses, code language and the passage to Canada. We are looking forward to the next book club meeting- my daughter and I are usually put on bookclub craft duty… which we don’t mind one bit!


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