It’s that time of year again! I’m in Ramadan calendar making mode. Here is the batch I’ve made so far this year. Good news is, I’ve reopened my etsy shop, and you can purchase them there too inshaAllah. I’m really loving the purple one. What’s your favourite? Every time I make a new one my eldest wants to claim it as her own, haha. I think I’ve come a long way since I first made one for her many years ago, my sewing has improved and so has the quality of the Ramadan calendars. I really enjoy making them and seeing each one turn out uniquely different. Thinking about the children using them during Ramadan and counting down the days brings me great joy too. There are so many different treasures you can hide inside the pockets for your children to discover each day. My favourite ideas are: Quranic ayahs, hadiths, duas, dates, Ramadan activity cards, and candy. What are you doing to get ready for Ramadan this year? 🙂

IMG_5675 IMG_5680 IMG_5684 IMG_5689

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