We’ve been experimenting the past couple of days with fabric printing. When I say we, I am referring to my daughters and I, of course. Whatever Mama is doing, the girls want in on the fun! And being that we live in such a small apartment there really is no where to hide. So we do everything together, which I do love.

After devouring a few books on printmaking from the library I couldn’t wait to start. We gathered some leaves from our walk to the park to do some of our prints with. I also tested out a few homemade recycled stamping materials such as cardboard and toilet paper rolls wrapped with rubber bands. My eldest daughter printed leaves onto a larger piece of fabric to make herself an autumn skirt.

I really love the look of a water coloured background so we also tried fabric spray painting to try and recreate that look. It is something best done outside away from the little ones where there is proper ventilation. Once our backgrounds were done we went all out with stencils and fabric paint! After a few days the paint will set and we’ll wash them, insha’Allah. My eldest and I already have plans on what we will sew them into! Her prints are the two narrow ones on the right, and my are the two square ones on the left.

If you’re looking to get started in printmaking, I really recommend these two books I picked up from the library: “Fabric Printing at Home”, by Julie B. Booth, and “Fabric Surface Design”, by Cheryl Rezendes. We cannot wait to try out some more fabric printing, the possibilities are endless!





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