Assalamu Alaikum! Hello!

Welcome to Handmade Beginnings. I’m Evangeline, Mama of 4, and the one-woman-show behind Handmade Beginnings. I launched Handmade Beginnings in 2009 as a blog where I shared fun educational activities and crafts I did with my toddler. At the time I had recently graduated from Early Childhood Education, Montessori, and Taleem Al Quran and wanted to connect with other young mothers in the community who were navigating their way through motherhood and the education of their little ones.

A lot has happened since I first started this blog, I taught Kindergarten at an Islamic School, opened an Etsy shop, taught private children’s sewing lessons, started homeschooling my 4 children, and now I am excited to be launching my handmade children’s boutique here on!

Being an Educator and an Artist at heart, I have a passion for creating the best educational resources for young children. Being a Muslim by faith, I love making products that will get children excited about their deen! Being a Mother of 4, nothing makes me happier than seeing a happy child who is enjoying or benefitting from something I have created. I am so glad you decided to drop by and join me on this journey of creating a happy handmade Muslim childhood.

Be sure to stop by our Freebies section to scoop up some of our free educational goodies to print out for your little one.