Days Until Ramadan Printable

We’re counting down the days until Ramadan! I made a little Ramadan countdown poster for my daughters. We printed out a grey version and added a few decorations with stickers and glitter. Once we laminate it, we can use white board markers to count down the days. We’ll also hole punch two holes at the top and add a ribbon so we can hang it up. Get your own Days Until Ramadan countdown below. Simply right click the image and save to your computer!

Advent Calendar Cards

This year in our calendar I’ve placed advent calendar cards featuring different activities to do each day. You can print a copy here for your personal use as well. If you think of any other ideas that I could add to the cards, please let me know πŸ™‚




ABC's of Ramadan Colouring Book

Assalamu Alaikum,

I saw the idea of making an ABC’s of Ramadan colouring book on the TalibiddeenJr Ramadan site, and I decided to put one together for my daughter. There are 27 pages altogether, almost enough to use one per day. I am going to link it here so you can download it for your little one if you’re interested. If there are any mistakes in the document please let me know.. this is my first time creating a pdf like this πŸ™‚ Ramadan Mubarak!

ABC’s of Ramadan Colouring Book