I saw the wonderful pattern to make these via One Pretty Thing, a tutorial made by Prudent Baby, which you can get here 🙂

I’m a real sucker for anything recycled or repurposed into something new. These slippers were made from my big bro’s old jeans that have been sitting in my house for a while now (I knew I’d put them to good use sooner or later!).

I had to enlarge the pattern a little (or a lot?) to accomodate my almost 3 year old’s big feet… since this was originally intended for babies.

And I also added a splash of colour to the top of the slippers to make them look more girly. I love them! I think I’ll need to make a pair for myself.


8 comments on “Jeans to Slippers Refashion”

  1. @ C: yeah I'll take whatever you've got 🙂

    @ Antoinette: 🙂 I know right!, I love that the jean material gives them durability and structure kinda like Robeez

    @ The Harris Family: Thank you!

    @ Jaime: Thank you Jaime!! I'll be checking it out, thanks again for the tutorial 😀

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