Review ~ Muslim Sticker Book

Recently Muslim Stickers contacted me to do a review of one of their new sticker books. Considering I own quite a few products they make including teacher stamps, reward stickers, reward charts, and badges (of which my daughter has quite the collection), how could I say no? My eldest daughter was so excited to open the mail and get to work colouring and creating. It was really nice to see her share with her little sister too who equally loved colouring and placing stickers.

The “Shapes Sticker Activity Book” comes with over 50 stickers and has 15 activity pages. What I love about the activity book is that it gives the child the freedom to use their creativity when placing stickers on the pages. A lot of other sticker activity books I’ve purchased in the past often tell the child where exactly each sticker must go, and leaves no room for creativity, making it more like work, than play. This book was definitely a lot more fun for my daughters since it gave them the opportunity to create their own designs and scenes with the stickers.

An activity book like this is perfect for long road trips or waiting in the doctor’s office. My girls really liked it and I would definitely recommend it to a friend :). Check out Muslim Stickers, here to get your own copy, inshaAllah!


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