Twigs and Branches

My eldest and I have been collecting a lot of twigs and branches lately to use in our crafty endeavours, like this y-shaped branch that was perfect for practicing weaving yarn with, a craft inspired by this blog.

And we have also been saving up our popsicle sticks so my daughter could make her very own river house that we can’t wait to bring to the stream. This house brings back so many memories of my step father’s parents’ home that I lived in, in Malaysia which was raised to protect it during the rainy seasons. This little house project also sparked my daughter’s curiosity of different houses around the world so we read the book “Wonderful houses around the world” by Yoshio Kamatsu, a book we both really enjoyed.

Now that my daughter has built up her confidence in using a glue gun independently, I suspect many more twig and branch crafts in her future. Stay tuned inshaAllah :).

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