The way we do learning is constantly evolving. As the children grow their needs change, and I change the environment to fit those needs. When my 2nd was crawling, I moved the bookcase to the girls’ room since she was constantly pulling all the books out, and pulling herself up to stand, and I was worried about it toppling. Everything was baby-proofed. But now that she is a little toddler, I am finding I am able to put things back into the environment for her to explore. Her current favourite activities are writing on the chalkboard, painting with watercolours, playing with her magnets, and most of all- reading books. I did so many things with my eldest daughter, and this blog is evidence of that, and I want to constantly remind myself to also provide those opportunities to my younger ones as well.

I really want to create a home where my children will feel at home. The children outnumber the adults in my home afterall. Having a home where everything is picture perfect, like out of a magazine, with not a single toy in sight, doesn’t feel right to me. Having 9 siblings myself, I thrive in an environment that feels well-lived in. Let the children play, let them paint, let them colour, let them jump, let them be kids. I am really learning to let go of people’s perceptions of my “messy” home. I am learning to put my kids first, and not feel the need to hide all the toys, books, crayons, etc every time a visitor comes over. This is what childhood is, this is learning, growing, and nurturing in progress :).


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