My eldest girl has really gotten me back into knitting recently. Earlier this year she knit a rectangle then sewed the edges together to make a little hat for her sister. More recently, we have been working on knitting scarves for ourselves, a first project for the new homeschooling knitting club we joined. We really enjoyed the knitting club and can’t wait until the next meeting, I learned a few things myself, like different ways to knot a slip knot. We are still plugging away at those scarves, probably would have been better to use a larger needle size and thicker yarn, but we just loved the colours we chose. I really hope we can get these done before Spring comes along! I am also really itching to get some knitting done for my littlest girl before the weather gets too warm. Maybe a little vest or sweater.


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  1. This is awesome Eva! I need to get back into crochet…i was waiting for winter to start…and well…lol..looks like winter is leaving soon! …there is a great facebook group for muslimahs that knit/crochet… let me know if you'd like to join, I can add you. They post lots of patterns and have contest, and just nice group 😀

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