matching spring skirts

Aren’t dandelions amazing? A whole field of white fluffy blowable dandelions. I have yet to chance upon a field full of a variety of wildflowers though… that would be beautiful. I get so much pleasure making handmade clothes for my daughters. I particularly love being able to make them matching clothes that would otherwise be hard to find in stores because of their age gap. And at the moment they just love being matchy-matchy. The pattern for this skirt comes from NewLook 6172. It is super simple to make and my eldest did quite a bit of the cutting and sewing for her own skirt. I am sure she could have sewn it completely on her own but she was a little eager to have it completed quickly and asked for my help. These skirts are nice and full and are perfect for twirling in, and they are just the right length for everyday childhood play.

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