felt slippers

Sometimes I worry that my eldest daughter is falling behind in her homeschooling. That we just didn’t have enough time today, or yesterday, or the whole week to meet all the targets I set for her. I wonder where I am going wrong, and how on earth do homeschoolers do it all, how do they keep up with their child’s grade expectations? But then when I step back, and watch my daughter do her thing, I am always amazed at what unfolds. When she thinks of a concept in her mind, she will use whatever tools and skills she has in her repertoire, and get to work on making her vision come to life. She takes risks, and jumps right into projects, drafting her own patterns, and testing them out, without fear of mistakes, or judgement. She loves to push herself when following her passions, and though from the surface I may feel she is falling behind, there is indeed learning happening. Skill building, independence, self-confidence, resourcefulness, problem-solving, ingenuity. These traits are things I did not have myself at the age of 8, and to be learned early on in life, is just as important as learning, if not more so, her multiplication tables. These are the little things I need to remind myself when I start to worry, but I don’t think, as parents, we can really ever stop worrying can we? (Above: felt slippers designed/drafted, and sewn by missA)

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  1. September 28, 2015 / 3:37 am

    i love her mashallah <3

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