We’ve had our fair share of Hajj themed playdates over the years, here, here, and here. But this was the first time we hosted one! It all came about quite unintentionally actually. What I really had planned was to have a hajj diorama contest! I was thinking that the families could work on a diorama at home, and then we could all meet up at a local park and show our models, and winners would be chosen and prizes would be given. But at the request of parents, it became more of a workshop type event, and we had all our friends over at our home, and we worked on hajj diorama models together at the same time. We also read “A Little Tree Goes for Hajj”, and talked about all the rites of Hajj and various locations that people visit on their journey. Alhumdulillah everyone’s models turned out great, and I hope everyone went home knowing a little bit more about Hajj. Looking forward to next year, inshaAllah. 🙂


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