Monday Musings

Ten things I’m loving on this fine Monday…

1) My interview with Aasiya, from Aasiya’s Homeschool is up today, check it out here! JazakAllahu Khair Aasiya 🙂
2) A fellow homeschooler and I are working on organizing an Art Show for the homeschool kids, I’m super excited about that!
3) Speaking of the Art Show, I’ve been thinking of doing something similar to this with my daughter for her project. This is also super cool!
4) Today my toddler sat patiently with her big sister’s pin cushion in hand, and a meter of fabric in the other, and asked me ever so sweetly if she could make a skirt ♥
5)  Ever since visiting the lovely playground in Whistler, I’ve been dreaming of making something fun for my kids as best I can on my balcony. I’ve been collecting outdoor nature ideas for some time now on my pinterest board, here.
6) I’m currently taking a time management course, and I really loved the tip about blogging in stages. Ie: one day write the title of your post, the next day add a photo, etc. Instead of trying to tackle it all in one go, this way makes it more manageable.
7) The weather was so beautiful today subhanAllah, the kids and I were outside without our jackets on. Even though it was a super busy day, we made it a point to squeeze in time for a walk to the park. We’re looking forward to another nice one tomorrow insha’Allah!

8) My baby girl started walking this week! She’s gaining confidence and momentum and will be running around soon, I can only imagine.
9) I’ve been doing some Autumn cleaning (why wait until Spring?!) and all the purging and organizing has everyone feeling calmer and happier at home.
10) I’ve been reading a lot more recently, I’ve forgotten how much I missed it! I also have been trying out audio books on Overdrive from my library and I’ve really been enjoying it and love how I can listen while doing chores. It makes housework seem to just fly by!

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