With a new niece in the family coming this Spring inshaAllah, I decided to make a little something handmade for the wee bundle of joy. I’ve always wanted to try crocheting baby booties, and they were surprisingly easy to whip up. In fact they were so easy to make, my eldest made a pair for her dolly! I also added a matching baby bonnet for good measure. Once you get started in a certain craft, it seems you can’t stop. The excitement of creating something and seeing the finished project is just so satisfying. So I also crocheted little bow hair clips, in a variety of colours! I think my bout of crocheting may have come to an end though, as I find myself being drawn to the sewing machine… I am thinking of making a quilt for each of my daughters, though that is no easy feat! If you’re interested in making any of these things, I found them via a simple google search- there are so so many patterns and tutorials online.



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