Handmade Cloth Dolls


Ever since I was 3 years old I’ve always been fascinated by handmade dolls. It was around that time that my elder brother and I went into a small shop full of amazing handmade treasures. The lady there was so kind, and gifted my brother a stuffed bear, and me a handmade doll. The doll’s skirt could be flipped up to reveal another doll underneath. I still have that doll until this very day and I marvel at it’s craftsmanship. One day I plan to try and make a similar one insha’Allah. For now though, I’ve just been practicing making my own doll sewing patterns, and coming up with dolls like these ones here. My daughters are really enjoying them, Alhumdulillah. These three are a little bigger than the first dolls I made, and I think this size is just perfect for toddler arms to hold. For my next adventure in doll making, I’d like to try to make a doll with yarn hair, a round head, and rounder feet. Making one of those dolls, will be many hours in the making though, so I am in no rush right now as my hands are full with my 3 girls.


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