Crowns for all

Somehow when my daughter’s friends come over to visit, she always convinces them to do a sewing session, that I end up overseeing. Why can’t they just PLAY like normal kids, haha. Jokes aside though, sewing is something my daughter really enjoys and she loves sharing her passion with her friends. So the other day when my husband’s 6 year old sister came over, my eldest convinced her that they all needed handmade princess crowns. First step was creating a template by drawing a crown on a piece of paper, making sure it was long enough to go around the circumference of everyone’s head (with a little extra for seam allowance and velcro overlap). Then the girls chose their fabrics, and embellishments- the best part! Buttons, and sequins, and ribbons, oh my! They turned out really great masha’Allah.

At times like this, I wish I were a kid again. The possibilities for pretend play costumes are endless! My daughter has already made a template for a superhero mask. She has a dual personality and can be very girly at times, and very tom boyish too. I sometimes joke to my husband that she is the son he never had! It reminds me of that test I took from the book “Why Gender Matters,” by Leonard Sax, I believe it was- where you determine whether you were more masculine or feminine. I turned out to be neither masculine nor feminine, which when I think deeply about it, is probably true- but is just a little bit strange! Either way, the great thing about pretend play- is you can become anyone you imagine to be. I am looking forward to more sewing, and I am hopeful for a basket full of handmade dress-up costumes in the near future.

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