Walking in style


My eldest daughter and I each have our own walking stick that we like to use whenever we go hiking and walking in the woods. Hers is a piece of driftwood she found at the lake, and mine is a stick I found in the park (with a perfectly shaped handle, and perfect height!). They were lovely in their natural state of course, but we thought they could use a bit of colour. So naturally we yarn bombed them, and painted them! My second daughter also wanted her own walking stick so she painted a smaller piece of driftwood that I had intended to use for another craft. However, as my eldest worked on creating her walking stick and the more beautiful it became, the more my second daughter started to fall in love with it and wanted to claim it as her own! Now we are on the hunt for a larger walking stick for my second daughter, so my eldest doesn’t have to share. Walking sticks do have a tendency to take their time to appear, but when they do they seem to be just perfect for the one who finds it.


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