Apple Picking 2016


We went apple picking at a local apple orchard this week with the Toronto Muslim Homeschoolers. It’s the second time we’ve been apple picking, if you count the time we picked some wild apples from our apartment’s backyard. For some reason we’ve forgotten about picking apples back there ever since, until this year of course. When we went to have a look this week, there were no apples to be found. I’m guessing we missed them, and we will try to look earlier in the season next year insha’Allah.

Apple picking at the Orchard was really nice. We went on a tractor hayride, a kid favourite, to the section of the orchard where we would be picking. The farmer taught us how apple trees are cared for and how to properly pick an apple. I never knew how easy it is to pick an apple simply by turning the ‘eye to the sky’, or the bottom of the apple upwards. The farm also had a corn maze that the kids, Baba, and I got lost in, and a little farm animal petting zoo. My second girl could not stand the smell of the animals though, and she had a bit of a meltdown! I couldn’t help but giggle at her drama, so cute, masha’Allah.

Just taking one bite out of an apple was delicious, Alhumdulillah. They were so crisp and the flavour was just perfect and refreshing. I love eating local. You really notice the difference in quality and flavour of the food that is grown in your area as opposed to imported, subhan’Allah. I’m really looking forward to apple picking again, insha’Allah we can make it a yearly tradition.

We’ve dedicated this week of homeschooling to apple activities for all subjects including science, art, language, cooking (that’s a subject right?), and math. Look out for some posts about what we’ve been up to insha’Allah. Have you been apple picking before? I would love any recipe suggestions!






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