World of Threads Festival 2016


It was a funny coincidence that just when I started to have a growing interest in textile art, I came across a flyer for an upcoming textile festival- the World of Threads Festival! I feel a little sad that I missed so many years of this festival in the past and only came to know about it this year. But nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the show! I brought my eldest daughter with me and my little baby boy in my sling. We arrived just in time for the opening ceremony and got to hear a little bit about how they started and see some of the artists from all over the world.


The creativity and use of materials was so fascinating. I particularly liked the woven acrylic paint pieces (weaving with paint! Amazing!) and the cotton thread and wire pieces that seemed to pop out at you! I think my favourites were the fabric collages that involved handstitching and free-motion embroidery, this is an art method I am really keen to get into.


I also really enjoyed the fashion pieces, such as the kimono walk – a hallway featuring unique kimonos hung from the ceiling. They left me thinking about how mass produced our clothing is these days. You rarely see individuality and unique one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing on the market that are produced in an ethical slow fashion way. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be if everyone wore clothing that was thoughtfully made with each item being a carefully designed piece of art. That makes me think about what the clothing in jannah will be like, Allah knows best, but definitely something beautiful.


Oh the weavings! My daughter and I left feeling filled to the brim with inspiration. Our hands and hearts just aching to get started on our own projects, with the dream of submitting our own works into next year’s show, insha’Allah. We didn’t get to see everything, as it was a little difficult with the baby, so we will most likely make another trip to the centre, maybe once our cups start to feel empty and we need another dose of inspiration.




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