I believe this is my first sewing projects for my boy, Alhumdulillah! I have to say it is a bit difficult to get into the mindset of sewing for boys after having sewn for myself, and then 3 girls, haha. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen my new resolution for 2017.. if not here’s what I wrote…

When your baby boy outgrows his pants you draft a pattern and make new ones! I had 3 girls previous to this baby boy so there are no hand-me downs for him. I am often tempted to buy him clothes from big box stores…. but I remember the “Made in Bangladesh” documentary that aired a few years ago. I don’t feel right supporting companies that do not use ethical practices in the production of their garments. But I am guilty of buying things now and again. So I really want to move forward into the new year, and from now on, with the goal of only purchasing clothing made ethically or making my own for myself and children, insha’Allah. I hope that I can set a good example for my children, who will be the future generations and the caretakers of our world. I know they will hold me accountable on my new goal! Bismillah!

So with that said here is the pair of pants I made with my homemade pattern above, they fit so nicely and are super comfy for my baby boy. To make the pant pattern I simply based it off of another pair of pants he had with a similar knit fabric. I was also pretty brave and dusted off the good ole’ serger to sew them up so they’d have a nice finish on the inside.


Also here are two more pairs of pants that I made using the “Big Butt Baby Pants Pattern“. I found it slightly tricky to sew in the round gusset piece but it was a pretty satisfying project, so I made two, with a matching baby bib to boot! The baby bib was also a self drafted pattern. They are so cute masha’Allah but my husband doesn’t agree with my colour choices haha. But that is the fun thing about having babies right, we Mamas get to dress them without any protesting :).








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