How to put together a Montessori Treasure Basket

Treasure Baskets are fun sensorial learning tool for babies, and you can put one together for your little one in no time! They are generally introduced to babies between the ages of 6months-18months, when they are able to sit and move around independently. One of babies’ favourite ways to learn about their environment is through touch and exploring objects with their mouths.  Providing babies with a variety of objects made from natural materials helps diversify their senses and introduce them to exciting new tastes, textures, and smells.

Tips for creating your own Treasure Basket:

  • Fill a basket with a collection of objects made of natural materials (avoid plastics and metals that may contain lead)
  • Provide objects with a variety of textures- i.e., wood, cloth, ribbon, stone, glass
  • Ensure objects are not small enough to choke on

How to introduce a Treasure basket:

  • Create a calm environment for your baby by removing other toys, distractions and noises (i.e., TV) from the area
  • Present the basket after baby has been fed and is well rested
  • Always supervise and remain present when baby is using a discovery basket
  • Allow your child to explore freely without prompting or guiding their play
  • Your child may play with their basket anywhere from 30 mins to an hour
  • Put the basket away when not in use so that it remains something special for baby to explore every day
  • From time to time introduce new objects to your child’s basket

What’s in our Treasure basket:

  • Cardboard tube
  • Pinecone
  • Doily
  • Wooden teether
  • Wooden bowl
  • Metal spoon
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Seashell
  • Rock
  • Lace
  • Wooden spool
  • Glass vanilla jar
  • Metal whisk
  • Felt heart

What kinds of things are you including in your sensory basket? I would love it if you shared some of your ideas in the comment section below!

Also I am so happy to introduce our new Wooden Camel teethers which can be purchased in the Handmade Beginnings Etsy shop! They are made from natural beech wood that is sealed with an organic beeswax and olive oil sealant. They feature a printed cotton attachment that is backed with a soft flannel fabric perfect for catching droolies. They are just the right size to fit in your little one’s hands.


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  1. Asma
    March 9, 2018 / 4:30 pm

    Thank you for sharing this. I came by specifically for sensory bin ideas since I remember reading about them on your blog a few years back. 🙂 My LO is 9 months now and loves exploring different textures. I have to remember to keep switching items and present the basket to her – great tips!

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