5 Tips to help your child learn their duas

We all know that duas are the essence of our worship to Allah and that there are many benefits in saying them daily. Some of these benefits include: becoming closer to Allah (swt) and remembering Him often; having each and every du’a answered in some way or form; receiving the protection and blessings from Allah; earning reward, and much more.

Here are 5 tips to help your child remember to Always say their duas:

  1. USE DUA CARDS: Put up dua cards or post-its with duas around the home to remind you and your child to say your daily duas. For example, dua cards for entering and exiting the home can be placed by the door, and dua cards for sleeping and waking can be placed by the bed.
  2. BE A ROLE MODEL: Pause throughout your day in your daily tasks and take the time to say your duas out loud in a clear voice so your children can hear you. Children like to do what we do and they look up to us as role models. If they see us saying our daily duas everyday, they will start to follow our lead insha’Allah.
  3. GET CREATIVE: Work with your child on creating their own book of duas using construction paper. Print relevant clip art from the internet or have your child draw pictures to match each dua in their handmade book. The visual cues from the pictures will help your child remember each dua as they learn it.
  4. USE FRIENDLY REMINDERS: Place fun reminders around the home to make your child excited about their deen! Our decorative “Always say your duas” cloud pillows come in many colours for girls and boys, and remind children to say their duas in a fun way.
  5. KEEP TRACK: Use a dua chart to help your child keep track of the duas they say everyday. This is a fun way to not only encourage them, but also help then remember to say any duas they may have missed. The good news is you can get this free printable dua checklist chart in our freebie section to use with your child! Print it out, laminate it, and use a dry erase marker to check off the daily duas with your child!

Do you have tips for helping children remember to say their duas? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!


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