Homeschool Lesson Plan Dry Erase Board

I don’t know about you but I’m the type of person that needs to see my week at a glance so that I am fully prepared for each day as it comes up. I have a handy pocket calendar that I use to keep track of events and appointments. But my kids are always asking me what we’re doing each week in our homeschool, so I thought I’d make a fun Lesson Plan board to keep them in the loop! What’s fun about this board is that you can wipe it off after each week and start again! Do you want to make one too?

1. Simply grab the download to for this printable below in PINK or BLUE, print it out on cardstock and laminate it.
2. Hole punch 2 holes at the top of the laminated page.
3. Thread a piece of ribbon about 15″ long through the holes and tie knots at the back of the page.
4. Hot glue on some pom-poms or trim at the back of the page on the bottom for added fun.
5. Your Lesson Planner is ready to written on! For younger kids who are not reading yet, you can draw an doodle of what you’ll be doing each day.
6. You can share your creation with me on instagram using the hashtag #handmadebeginnings



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