Asma Ul Husna – Allah Sticker Craft

About 12 years ago a few of my friends and I were all pregnant for our first child at the same time. We formed a little community of our own and after our children were born we alternated homes and hosted weekly playdates. My husband liked to refer to us as the “Baby Gang”. Over time some of our playgroupees (I’m totally going to make up words here) moved away, put their kids in school, or just moved on to follow the interests of their children as they grew, and our group sort of disbanded. But over time we mothers also all had more children. Insert “Baby Gang 2.0” haha. Our new little ones were in need of some of the fun learning experiences their elder siblings got to enjoy. So a few of us who were still left in town, got together and now we meet weekly to have Islamic studies classes for both our younger children, and our older children.

I teach the little ones ages 7 and under yippee! As a former Islamic School Kindergarten teacher it is so in my element and I look forward to our weekly classes as much as my little ones do! It’s been a lot of fun exercising my crafting muscle lately as I prepare fun learning activities for the children each week. I thought I’d share these activities with you too in case you’d like to try them out with your children or with a playgroup or co-op class of your own.

Each week in our 2-7 year old class we learn one of the 99 names of Allah. My daughter Asiyah has been really enjoying exploring graphic design so she has been creating the worksheets and drawing out Allah’s names digitally for our students, which is AWESOME! Alhumdulillah.

So for the first name, Allah, we talked about who Allah is and we read some story books too. Then we did this fun sticker activity, which is a great way to exercise those fine motor muscles.


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Come back soon for more updates on our 99 names of Allah crafts!



  1. Print out the worksheet
  2. Fill in the letters of Allah’s name with your stickers

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