DIY Hajj Diorama Craft

We’ve been making Hajj dioramas for years! I wouldn’t say it is a yearly tradition but almost! The best way to make a diorama or model, I find, is to use recyclable materials. It is amazing how much my little ones (6, 4.5, and 3) have absorbed from this project. They now know all the holy sites, and what you are required to do at each stop along the Hajj journey. You can read below to see how we created our model, and watch our video too if you want to see the progression!


  • Recyclable Materials- egg cartons, cardboard boxes, egg cartons
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Glue
  • Paint brushes
  • Tape- masking tape, scotch tape

There really are no rules for making this craft. I like to introduce the different sites to the kids, and then let them be creative in making the different landmarks using the materials they have on hand. This year we decided to work on one diorama together as a collective project. This was a great way for them to develop teamwork skills during the build, but also so that they could interact with the model during their pretend play together once it all dried. The fact that it saves me from having four different models all over the house is a plus too! We labelled all the landmarks on our model too because my little ones are all in the reading or pre-reading stage and seeing the words repeated often will help them practice them.

If you make a model with your kids I’d love to see it! Share it with me using the hashtag #handmadebeginnings on instagram.



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